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Welcome to PIP!

Looking to network in property? PIP’s there for you! We’re the new social networking app bringing together people in property under one roof – “Pun alert” PIP’s simple to use, yet feature rich platform allows you to connect with other property individuals. Cash Investors, BTL Investors, Mentors, Solicitors, Mortgage brokers and many, many more, we have them all! Interested? Take a look at our app features below.
Now available on the App Store and Play Store!

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Amazing Features

We’ve spent hours, no days in fact weeks ensuring that the apps design is simple to use, easy to navigate yet packed full of worthwhile features . Nobody wants to download a slow, poorly designed app, so we’ve taken special care to ensure PIP doesn’t fall into that category. With focus groups helping us create useful solutions to networking problems, along with unique navigational features and sections specific to property, we really believe PIP will add value to your current networking activity. Trust us, our background is property investing! Why not take a look at some of the features below.

About AppPIP

Good design doesn’t fade! – Harry Seidler (Architect)

We really focused on allowing users to navigate easily around the app; swipe is therefore a key design feature for navigating through the three pages. We also wanted you to be able to have a clear open page where all your tabs are stored. A simple swipe left brings up your side-bar which contains your messages, connections, notifications, community page and profile page – click on one of these and head to that page! Simple right?

Being a networking site, we’ve created some dynamite features which will allow you to do that successfully. If you have any ideas that you’d like to see included at launch, why not have your say? Head to the contact section below and get in touch!

Simply laying out what other interesting features PIP has.

Coming Soon!

Users feedbacks

Being a property developer I’m always looking for cash investors who want to invest in our live projects. PIP will really open this up for us and we can’t wait until it launches. Really exciting app!

John Richards - Property Developer, Manchester

As a mortgage broker based in the south for a large organisation, we still find that the majority of our clients find us by word of mouth. It’d be great to build that presence online, using PIP to build a loyal followers base to really interact with potential clients openly would be a great asset to us.

Adam Stiles – Mortgage Broker / Wealth Management , London

I’ve been a BTL investor for 22 years now. As a result I’ve seen many ups and downs within the UK property market. I’m often going to networking events to meet other investors to see how they navigate new laws, changes in market conditions etc. I need PIP in my life so I can start networking from home too!

Clare Bowden – BTL Investor, Birmingham

Interested in investing in PIP ?

Are you a VC firm, private investor, angel investor or other, but like the sound of PIP? Contact us to discuss our options.
Now available on the App Store and Play Store!

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